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Bring In The Heat: DIY Ode to Spring Corkboard


Slowly but surely, we’re beginning to feel the heat after the cold spell in Manila which came after the holidays. But in cool office and school settings, there might not be enough of outside to warm you up. Why not upgrade your corkboard to bring in some of that sunny spring into your workspace?


  • corkboard
  • craft paper with your favorite pattern
  • paper puncher trimmed to at least the size of your board (you can purchase these at any craft store)
  • scissors
  • glue stick


STEP 1: Prepare Your Craft Paper

Using the edge of your puncher as guide for the width, fold your craft paper lengthwise, three times. That will give you four panels for each side of your corkboard. Cut along the creases.

STEP 2: One-Two Punch

Use your puncher to create the design for your craft paper. This one’s Aki’s. The design is similar to a doily.

Finish punching all four strips and you’ll come up with this:

STEP 3: Glue Your Spring Harkers On

Using white glue stick, apply a generous amount of glue onto the backside of your paper strip. Align it carefully with a side of your board. Press firmly to keep the strip in place. Do the same with the three remaining strips and leave to dry for 5-10 mins.

And there you have it! A little piece of the outside warmth to cozy up your desk! Start pinning your inspirations and goals on it!

If you enjoyed reading our tutorial, please don’t hesitate to try it and submit photos of your work to our email: thegirlsroomonline@gmail.com! We will be more than happy to feature them in our Facebook Page! Hashtag #thegirlsroomonline on Twitter and Instagram to share with us anything!

Enjoy the shade!

Kit of The Girls’ Room

One on One: Margaret Morales (Illustrator)

Maggie is an (almost) graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. She was awarded Best in Illustration for her undergraduate thesis last March 24, 2012 at the Opening of Out of the Orange (Exhibit).

1. Tell us something about yourself as an illustrator. How did you develop your style? Who are/what styles are your idols?

Hi, my name is Margaret Frances Morales. For short you can call me Maggie. For me illustration is not only a way of expressing yourself but is also a way to inspire and influence people. When I was a kid, my mum taught us how to draw people and landscapes. Seeing we had talent, we were enrolled in summer art classes so my sister and I could learn to paint. I never really thought of pursuing art as career until I entered college.

So at first I was just one of those people who would randomly browse at DeviantArt to look for a good wallpaper for their desktop. Then I realized that Hey, I can draw like some of the artists there and so I gave it a try and joined DA in 2008. My first artwork was a girl in an orange gown that I drew on paper, took a picture of it and painted it (using mouse) in Photoshop. Well, it turned out better than expected so from then on I started posting watercolor paintings and sketches (as well as some of my photography) during summer. While browsing, I came upon several artists that ignited my passion. I really admire the beautiful art of Audrey Kawasaki, compositions and detailing of Kidchan and Katrina Pallon and the realistic character paintings of Patipat Asavasena and Stanley Lau. From them, I dreamt of having my own set of illustrations that I can be proud of. So in 2009, when I finally got my own tablet, I created another DA account solely dedicated to my artworks.

Well, I don’t know if my works have a particular style I can call since I draw inspirations from different styles and combine them with my own. But you may notice that there’s always something common with the way I draw faces and patterns.

2. Where do you draw inspiration for your subjects? 

Most of the time, I draw whichever inspires me. If I’m currently into gaming, I would draw game characters. When I’m into detailing (my feminine, flowery mood) I draw pretty girls. When I’ve watched enough fantasy and sci-fi, I draw sexy cyborgs in bizarre worlds. Sometimes I get from my dreams when they become too vivid. So basically I draw inspirations everywhere and I’m not afraid to try out new concepts and styles. 

Have your inspiration/s ever failed you in the past? Why do you keep on doing what you do?

The illustrators I admire never fails to impress me. So like them, I always try to improve myself and keep doing what I like. I know that I can always do better and there is always room for improvement. My family and friends have been very supportive of me, as well as my current boyfriend who has also been a good critic and supporter of my works.

3. What do you consider the most unique element of your works?

Probably the eyes and the hair. I spend most of my time perfecting the emotion expressed by those parts.

4. Why do you like drawing girls/women? 

I’ve been drawing women figures since the birth of Sailormoon and I find it easier to draw compared to men. Women are more slender and curvy which for me, makes them an ideal subject for an artwork. Well, I do try to draw men for a change but they unfortunately, become one of the girls too. :<

Do you see a part of your self in the figures you illustrate?

Oh you. :”> Yes,  I am one of those pretty and sexy women in my artworks. 

And of course, I’m just kidding.


Follow her work on DeviantArt

Email her here

I’m so proud of you, Maggie! <3


For all the girls who want to do illustrations, too, I say: DO.

Stay creative!

Kit of The Girls’ Room

DIY: Jewelry / Accessory Cork Board

Do you have a messy make-up table because your accessories are all over the place? Or have you noticed that some (or a lot) of your jewelry have gone missing? Well, we share the same sentiments then! Thus, the idea of a Jewelry/Accessory Cork Board came to mind! 

The materials for the project:

  • 13” x 18” inch cork board 
  • 1/2 yard of textile 
  • Poster paint/textile paint/spray paint
  • Brushes and palette

Paint the frame of your corkboard to your preferred color. In this case, I chose white. 

After making sure that the paint is dry already, cut the textile into 13” by 18”. Then, using any flexible card such as the MRT card, tuck the fabric under the frame between the cork board and the frame itself. If it can’t be tucked anymore, just snip the excess off. 

I placed a simple origami ribbon at the center to add some life into it. Then the best part of all…

Add the accessories! As you can see, I don’t have much because most of them are misplaced somewhere! Just a tip, color code the categories of your jewelry. For instance, white pins are for earrings, blue for bangles, red for head bands, etc. 

Happy DIY! 


Aki of the Girls’ Room

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